PowerSMILE Your Way To A New Crown

Some people ask “what are dental crowns?” and the answer is actually pretty simple. Dental crowns, sometimes called dental caps, are partial artificial teeth that cover the surface or missing part of a preexisting tooth. They are designed to be permanent, last for many years and they don’t come off, which means you can have a healthy, natural-looking smile without ever having to worry about the day-to-day inconvenience of dentures.

Implementing dental crowns used to be an expensive and time-consuming process because of the complexities in the customization of the artificial tooth, the process involved in adhering it to the natural part of your teeth and the materials the crowns are usually made of. However, thanks to technology advancements, crowns are increasingly more affordable and common. PowerSMILE Dental Centre can create amazing-looking dental crowns fitted for your particular teeth and bond them onto your teeth painlessly and effectively in a short amount of time.

Dental Crowns Are For

Dental crowns are permanent solutions for decayed teeth, damaged teeth or a damaged dental implant.  They are popular and effective treatments for broken or fractured teeth, fractured dental fillings, large dental fillings, poorly shaped teeth and as post-treatments for root-canal procedures to protect the brittle teeth. They help strengthen teeth weakened from damage as well as offering a cosmetic solution to broken teeth.

Dental Crowns Are Made Of

Dental crowns are commonly made of porcelain which is bonded onto metal or zirconium; others are fully ceramic or fully metal. Some patients choose to have their crowns fabricated with gold to mitigate the expansion properties of metals. We will discuss all of your options with you before any procedure to recommend a crown that best suits your unique dental needs.

How do dental crowns work?

We will make sure your tooth is prepared by removing any excess decayed or damaged material. Once it is clean and ready to go, we make an impression of your tooth that is used to construct your custom-fitted dental crown. In some cases where the health of the tooth might be in jeopardy, a temporary crown will be fitted while we make your permanent crown. Once the crown is ready, we bond the crown to the tooth with dental cement and assess the adhesiveness as well as your bite after the procedure is over to make sure that the crown is fitted into your mouth smoothly.