PowerSMILE Your Way To White Teeth

PowerSMILE teeth whitening is an incredibly popular service; in fact, it’s the most requested cosmetic-dental procedure we offer. And no wonder – nobody likes yellow teeth or teeth stains! White teeth are attractive and help make you feel confident in life. After you receive treatments for whitening teeth, you’ll love to smile more, feel friendlier and happier and you’ll come off as more warm and inviting to your friends and colleagues.

That feeling of running your tongue over freshly minted white teeth is smooth and comforting, and at PowerSMILE Dental Centre, we can provide you with the best teeth-whitening services so you can experience that feeling every single day!

Our teeth-whitening procedures are safe, convenient and effective. Our trained dental professionals have the tools and the experience to fight tooth discoloration and in most cases remove even the toughest teeth stains for dramatic results and clean, beautiful white teeth.

Causes  of stained teeth

Causes of teeth stains vary from person to person and lifestyle to lifestyle. Brown teeth and yellow teeth, and in some severe cases, dark-brown teeth stains and black teeth stains, are often the results of habits such as cigarette smoking, regular consumption of certain foods like hard candy, berries and tomato sauce, and habitual drinking of beverages such as coffee, dark tea and/or cola.

Green and orange tooth stains are usually the consequence of poor teeth-cleaning habits. When people brush and floss their teeth less regularly than recommended, sometimes plaque, bacteria and fungi can accumulate on the outer layers of the teeth can cause green and orange stains. Other causes of teeth discolouration, particularly for grey-blue or brown-yellow teeth stains, can be genetic, the result of sickness and/or exposure to certain antibiotics.

Prevent teeth stains

Common preventative measures for teeth stains and helping to minimize the risk of yellow teeth include proper and regular teeth cleaning, especially brushing and flossing daily. Cutting back on smoking and coffee drinking will help as well. If possible, try to drink soda out of a straw, as that helps to reduce the amount of contact the sugary drink has with your teeth directly.

What is Involved

Often times, preventative measures for teeth discolouration only help to guard against future teeth stains and stop current teeth stains from getting worse; natural teeth whitening can only be so effective in reversing the damage of yellow-teeth stains and brown-teeth stains, and they commonly only offer minimal results.

For optimal white teeth, the Surrey dentists at PowerSMILE Dental Centre offer in-clinic or at-home services for teeth whitening that suit your needs. Come in to our offices and comfortably enjoy our professional teeth-whitening procedure with a safe and tested bleaching gel that can generate noticeable results often in just one session.

For time-layered treatments with long-term potential for excellent results and beautiful, white teeth, we can provide you with a custom-sized mouth-guard for mild teeth bleaching that is guaranteed to improve the shade of white of your teeth within a matter of weeks, thanks to the unique, close fit of the provided mouth-guard.