Examinations, Treatments & Therapies for Your Patient

Periodontal Examinations

A periodontal examination involves a thorough intra oral-and extra-oral examination, including tissue findings, recording/charting of missing teeth, pocket depths, furcations, recession, keratinized/attached tissue, mobility, ridge defects, and apical pathology.

Diagnosis & Treatment Planning

The word “periodontal” literally means “around the tooth.” There are eight categories of gingival diseases and eight categories of periodontal disease. The main cause of these diseases is bacterial plaque as well as the body’s (host) response to this plaque. Proper diagnosis and treatment planning are vital to proper treatment and the maintenance of dental, periodontal, and systemic health. VELscope® examinations for tissue changes and biopsies can be done when abnormal tissues/pathology is present.

Periodontal Disease Management & Treatment

Professional scaling and root planning combined with oral hygiene instruction are essential to periodontal disease prevention and treatment. We can provide professional cleanings to help reverse the early stages of diseases like gingivitis. Systemic antibiotics, lasers, and anti-infectives are non-surgical treatment modalities for some periodontal infections. In some cases where there is little or no pocket depth resolution, osseous or regenerative surgeries can be performed for disease management.

Periodontal Plastic Surgery Procedures

We can provide aesthetic crown lengthening procedures to facilitate your restorative procedures, soft tissue and hard tissue grafting for recessions and ridge augmentation, and implant placement for tooth replacement.

Implant Placement & Treatment Planning

Tooth loss can sometimes result in loss of bony architecture, and implant placement is compromised or not possible. PowerSMILE Dental Centre can rebuild ridge defects, augment the sinus, and create soft tissue contours for the placement of dental implants. We will work closely with you as the restorative dentist to create the latest in dental rehabilitation. We also work with a prosthodontist in this office who can help with the restorative phase of implant treatment as well.

Orthodontic Exposures

We provide orthodontic surgical exposure of retained teeth, roots, and placement of orthodontic chains or buttons if desired. In combination with tissue grafting, orthodontic exposures can provide an aesthetic option for misplaced or impacted teeth.

PowerSMILE Dental Centre can provide all of your periodontal needs and work with you to provide the best care for your patients. Refer your patient or contact us for further details on our periodontal therapies.