Periodontists in Surrey – Treating Your Gums for Better Health

Count on the comprehensive team at PowerSMILE Dental Centre for professional and experienced periodontists in Surrey. Providing tissue grafting, soft tissue laser procedures and more, we can resolve a number of periodontal related issues.

What Does a Periodontist Do?

PowerSMILE Dental Centre is highly skilled specialist in the care and treatment of gums and the supporting structures of the teeth. Our office provides personalized care for periodontal disease and many other specialty services, including reconstructive procedures for ridges/bone and periodontal plastic procedures for tissue defects.

Whether you have been referred by your general dentist or are simply interested in our procedures, we will be happy to see you. For an appointment with attentive periodontists in the Surrey area, call our office today.

Mission Statement

It is our mission, first to you, our referred patient, to provide you with the most complete treatment required, with care and understanding of options to the best of our ability, education, and training.

It is our mission, secondly to your referring dentist, to provide treatment requested, opinions and diagnosis, and to keep them informed of your decisions and treatment. We will provide you with the best care possible to meet their requirements.

It is our mission, thirdly to myself and my staff, that we continue to study, learn, and implement the treatments to the standard of care expected of my specialty.

It is our mission, finally, to treat you with respect and care no matter which options you choose, and help you in any way to make your treatments affordable.