How much do braces cost? How much does Invisalign cost? The price of orthodontic treatments varies according to your specific needs and desires.

At PowerSMILE Dental Centre, we are happy to provide you with payment plan options that cater to your budget without compromising the orthodontic care you deserve. We accept most major credit cards – and if insurance is covering any portion of your treatment, we’ll help you with your claims, your paperwork and anything else to make your orthodontic experience pleasant and stress-free.

Dental Plan Coverage

You may have an employee benefits dental plan or choose to purchase a plan to cover some of your dental care needs. Dental plans help offset the cost of dental treatment.

Dental plan coverage – what you should know

Patient’s responsibilities

  • Dental plans are not customized to your individual dental health needs and may, or may not, cover all your treatment needs.
  • Know what your plan covers including services, percentage coverage and/or treatment limits. Ask your plan purchaser/plan provider for details.
  • You must pay the co-payment, the portion not covered by the plan.
  • Payment for the full cost of treatment is required at the time it is provided. As a service to patients, some dental offices may accept the assignment of benefits and collect the covered portion of the costs directly from the plan provider.
  • Lab fees may also factor into your treatment depending on the type of dental procedure required. Costs are determined by an outside lab and may, or may not be covered by your plan. Any costs not covered by your plan are your responsibility.

For full details review the frequently asked questions – dental plans

Dentist’s responsibilities:

Our responsibility is towards your health we will:

  • Provide treatment recommendations based on your dental health care needs; this may, or may not, be covered by your plan.
  • Submit a pre-determination to your plan provider, if appropriate. This will provide an estimate of what your dental plan will cover prior to treatment.