The Sirona XG 3D is a 3 in 1 x-ray system that combines 2D panoramic and mid field of view cone beam 3D with cephalometric capabilities. It is the ultimate digital x-ray machine for any dental practice looking for dental equipment that is versatile and efficient.



The versatile Sirona XG 3D x-ray system features multiple panoramic programs, including standard, pediatric, sinus, TMJ, thick layer anterior, multi-slice posterior, and bitewing views, and more.


The Sirona XG 3D cone beam system integrates “Quickshot” technology with its multiple cephalometric programs including symmetric AP/PA, lateral and carpus exposures, as well as asymmetric views.

3D Conebeam

The XG 3D is equipped with a high-quality, medium field of view cone beam, capable of producing crisp and detailed x-ray images. Its features include 3D modeling, tiltable 2D slices, custom 3D slicing, pan, TSA, axial, etc.

Pedo Mode

This panoramic x-ray imaging system is designed with a child-specific setting for pediatric safety in mind. It includes a mode which both reduces the FOV size and lowers the radiation output for pediatric patients.

Twain Integration

With many imaging software programs available, it is important to find the one that fits your practice’s needs. Thankfully, the Sirona XG 3d X-ray system integrates well with various imaging software programs.

High-Quality Images

Sirona digital imaging systems feature specific focal layers and orbital paths, automatic kV adaptation, and state-of-the-art sensor technology which capture superior, anatomically accurate, quality images, every time.

Premium System

The XG 3D is a state-of-the-art, premium dental x-ray imaging system from the Sirona line. It is designed to provide your practice with the best possible images on the market, while still remaining easy to operate.

Dedicated Panoramic

This imaging system provides crisp panoramic images while minimizing radiation dose. This Sirona cone beam x-ray system gives you the crisp images you need, with the best interests of your patients in mind.

Medium Field of View

The Sirona XG 3D’s 5×5.5 and 8×8 cm fields of view give this machine the versatility for multiple types of dental exams from general diagnostics to oral and implant surgery.

Bitewing Program

This Panoramic and Cephalometric x-ray system includes the option to enter a mode specific for capturing bite-wing images. This adds a level of convenience and a great alternative to the typical intraoral method.

Focused 3D FOV

The focused 5×5.5 and 8×8 cm 3D field of view options of the Sirona XG 3D provide ideal circumstances for accurate diagnoses and guidance for incidences such as single implants or molar studies.

CEREC Integration

The Sirona XG 3D x-ray and cone beam system will flawlessly integrate with CEREC CAD/CAM single visit Dentistry solutions.