Dr. Claire Chatelain (General Dentist)

As a five-year-old, sitting alone, in my grandfather’s waiting room, I quietly and methodically disassemble all the miniature cars. The moment my parents saw it, they knew I will do a job in which I would need to use my hands. They imagined all kinds of work I could do with them. But, I just really wanted to be like my grandpa who was a physician. My dream was to work closely with people, knowing about the human body and helping people. In dentistry, I could combine my hands skills and helping people. Today my every day challenge is to provide best treatments I can, while trying to make my patients as comfortable as possible.

After graduating in 2014, from the university of Paris Descartes, I practiced as a pedo-dentist and family dentist in France. At the same time, I assisted great professors to teach periodontics and restorative dentistry, at university hospitals. I liked orienting my practice on prevention and preservation. Here in Canada, I teach dentists clinical skills required to practice in Canada. Teaching is my second passion.

I moved to British Columbia to live with the love of my life, but also to enjoy great mountains, beaches and people. It was always my dream to live in such a nature-rich country. Vancouver was just waiting for me. I love the multicultural nature of Vancouver and I value learning about different traditions. The tooth fairy is a funny example of this. In France, the teeth are taken by a little mouse (“petite souris”) that gives a coin or a gift instead of being taken by a tooth fairy.