That Time Of Year: Fall Dental Tips

The summer is now coming to an end. Swimsuits are being packed away and beach towels are being thrown to the back of the closet after another exciting summer season. With the fall calendar countdown about to begin, it’s important to understand how to maintain optimal oral health in the coming cooler months. Let’s look at a few fall-friendly oral health tips.

1. The Cooler Weather Could Signal Teeth Issues

Do you suffer from sensitive teeth when the cool weather arrives? Many do. This could be nature’s way of telling you there is damage to the tooth or gums. Cold sensitivity could be the result of several factors, including cracked teeth, gum shrinkage, thin enamel or tooth bruising. Those who experience sensitive teeth for more than three days this fall should speak with our office as soon as possible to have the problem evaluated.

2. Manage Your Child’s Candy Eating Effectively

October 31st is a date your child has been waiting for all year. It’s important that they’re able to enjoy their Halloween trick or treating without hurting their teeth for the long-term. In order to help mitigate teeth issues, you must help manage their candy supply for them. One tip is to reduce all candy eating to meal times. That way the saliva will help to rinse the mouth of cavity causing bacteria.

3. Schedule End of Year Appointments

Some still wait for their dental professional to contact them to schedule their next visit.  If you’ve not seen us for a while and are looking for a time to get back on track, the end of the year could be the ideal time to begin a refreshed oral health regimen. You might also find that your dental insurance plan allows for another appointment before the end of the year. This means you should try to schedule your next appointment as early as possible to help in finding an ideal appointment time.

A commitment to year-round oral health care is exceptionally important. But with the dangers that cool weather and those Halloween snacks bring, it’s important to begin the fall with a renewed focus on oral care issues. Speak with one of our specialists today about your oral health needs.

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